OK, I know Americans have no room to talk.

But, FFS, WTAF is wrong with the UK electorate? I get FPTP is odious and coalitions and districts do weird things. It's not that. It's that Johnson has a plurality that is more than twice the next candidate's (meaning the problem isn't vote splitting), and that Farage was not even prompted and pulled 7 percent. This is why we can't have nice things.

One thing I'm fairly certain about is that Boris does not want to leave the EU. It's the same way that the last thing US Republican politicians want is for abortion to be outlawed. What Boris wants is to fight about leaving the EU.

I've got no idea what Boris's plan is here, though, or if he has one. He has grudgingly said he'll send the extension request on the 19th. It may be as simple as "I was legally forced to do it; elect me a majority that won't do that" but I don't know that that will hold of Farage. There's still the worry that he's got something up his sleeve to keep an extension from actually occurring.