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2019-12-05 08:26:00+01:00 by Weldon Goree in Politics
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No, Bernie

Sanders again reached out to Trump voters, saying that he doesn't think they are racist or sexist. Fortunately I don't need to weigh in on whether this is true or not, because it doesn't matter; whatever they are, they are not going to vote for Bernie Sanders.

As a party we absolutely need to keep this in mind. This is a cycle with zero undecideds, whatever they say: if a person is even considering voting for Trump, and that person votes, he is voting for Trump.

You're not going to win a shouting match with Trump. You're not going to out-demagogue Trump. You're not going to beat him on policy (remember a depressingly large number of Trump voters still think he's going to give them health care). He's crossed so many lines, and then taken the line and thrown it out the window and into the alligator-infested bayou, and then ridden an alligator across that line, that you are not tempting them back.

Now, the really odd thing is that this process hasn't made them Republicans. But someone who will vote for Beshear over Bevin will still vote for Trump over Sanders. This isn't about ideas or policies or anything like that; this is about whether people think things become true by saying them. And people who think things become true by saying them will always vote for Trump.

We aren't winning over Trump voters. Stop trying. Mobilize everybody else.

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