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Project Description Owner Last Change
4-crypt A Forth crypto library 2 months ago
4-ith A Forth information theory... No commits
basset A simple CLI desktop indexer... 7 days ago
brutstrap Unnamed repository; edit this... No commits
cl-ith A Common Lisp information... 2 months ago
detritus A note-taking web app No commits
devbase diff, patch, and make that... No commits
libith A C information theory library 2 months ago
ml-ith A Standard ML information... No commits
nocial The anti-social network No commits
selsed Alter the X selection No commits
shuled A curses front-end to ed(1) 12 days ago
sipc A suckless ipc queryer, perhap... No commits
slowcial A social site that does not... No commits
smpd A simpler mpd server and client 13 days ago
smux A minimalist terminal multiplexer No commits